What is Spyhunter

Nowadays, most computer users don’t know much about anti-virus programs. Instead of improving their knowledge about online security, they prefer to rely on the default anti-virus software. Considering this fact, users will be even more surprised to learn that apart from the aforementioned, there is another class of security software which is called Anti-Malware. However, what is interesting here is that both, Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware programs, have quite different functions.

  • Anti-virus programs: they are the so called “classic preventive measures” against online infections. These programs are very good at plugging holes in the security and building a shield between you and the viruses. In case the anti-virus software doesn’t catch the infected files, it may take weeks to locate and delete them. Two of the most popular anti-virus programs among users are Kaspersky and AVG.
  • Anti-malware programs: they are the so called “removers”. These programs can hardly stop the infections from infiltrating your computer, but when updated regularly, the anti-malware tools will easily find the corrupted files on your PC. Two of the most popular anti-malware programs are SpyHunter and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

There are a number of good anti-malware programs out there, however, SpyHunter is the only one that differs because it is considered as the best one. When compared to other security programs, SpyHunter has gained a good reputation among computer users and reliability.

This is a list of key functions which users should consider when choosing a proper anti-malware program:

  • Real Time Protection
  • Updates and Support
  • Affordable Cost and Efficiency Ratio
  • Usage of System Resources
  • Ease of Use

No matter what anti-virus or anti-malware program users will choose, they should keep it on and up to date at all times.