Watchful Software Is Building Security Channel In UK

Watchful Software in cooperation with the value-added distributor, Kite Distribution are building a channel for a security software. The security company is known with its RightsWATCH brand of data classification solution in the UK market.

Considering the growing appetite for security solutions, now the company wants to help other companies with meeting the rigorous demands for protection of sensitive and personally identifiable data protection enshrined in the EU Data Protection Regulations.

Currently, Watchful Software and Kite Distribution are recruiting a selective group of value added resellers to spearhead its sales and marketing campaign to help businesses to develop a data-centric approach to security and data privacy.

In order to do this, the companies are launching a channel program to provide partners with the necessary sales, marketing and technical information in to help educate the channel staff and their customers on Watchful Software.

The channel program includes access to a variety of tools and collateral including an online pricing estimator and proposal generator Mark Hatton, Director of Kite Distribution, says:

Our reseller partners are increasingly looking to build a differentiated market position by offering a blend of value-based security products. We’re recruiting a small number of resellers and systems integrators who can package up the Watchful data classification software together with consultancy, deployment and ongoing support to help businesses develop a security strategy to understand where their sensitive data is located and then use Watchful to implement security policies to stop it from being stolen or leaked.

According to Justine Cross, Channel Director at Watchful, “Businesses in the post TalkTalk-breach-world are recognising the importance of taking a proactive approach to data protection. That awareness, combined with the threat of crippling legislative fines of up to 4% of global revenue by the EU General Data Protection Regulation, is prompting businesses to re-evaluate their data privacy policies and find efficient ways to keep data secure, without burdening users or IT staff with extra work. That’s precisely where Watchful’s data classification can help.”

At the same time, Kevin Hendy, Head of Solution Sales at Prodec Networks, who have signed up as a Watchful reseller says, “We’ve already seen a significant interest from our customers and prospects in finding ways to automate and streamline the process of handling confidential data, regardless of whether it’s in the network, in the cloud or on a mobile device. There is a huge untapped market for security professionals that can help enterprises to create strategies and policies to develop and enforce compliance with impending data regulations, without impeding the free flow of information for those with authorized access.

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