Warning! Do not pay ransomware for encrypted files! (Video)

Video Transcription

Have you heard about Hidden tear? It’s a ransomware made by the good guys and can be found at github.com. A guy named Utkusen published it as an open source ransomware for educational purposes. He also made it, so the ransomware stores the decryption key in a way he can easily find it. In other words, should someone use the Hidden tear as a base for malicious software, there will be always a door to the decryption key. That sounds great doesn’t it?

But I’ll have to disappoint you. Malicious ransomware known as Ransom_Cryptear.B was recently released and it messed up the code of Hidden tear, mutating into a ransomware that losses the decryption key. This means that even if you pay the ransom, you won’t get your files back . The authors of this ransomware do not seem to care at all as long as they get their payment. Hence the expression as greedy as a

So until you wait to find a way to recover files, encrypted by this ransomware, keep your eyes open especially for fake Adobe Flash updates, because this is how Ransom_Cryptear.B is distributed.

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More info about this specific ransomware at: https://virusguides.com/shoddy-ransomware-completely-destroys-users-files/

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