WARNING! Bootrash Bootkit Impossible to Delete (Video)

Video Transcription

Windows is known to be a great host to all kinds of viruses, despite its improvement over the years.  Some viruses are always one step ahead. Bootkits are a great example of such type of malware.

Security company Fireeye named this particular bootkit Bootrash. As scary as it sounds, its main goal is to harvest passwords, personal data and credit cards and it does it very well. The Master Boot Record is responsible for what and how boots up on your PC. And BootTrash modifies exactly that.

BootTrash installs itself in the unallocated space of your disk drive and it gives it the great opportunity to load even before the Windows itself boots up. It makes it incredibly hard for Windows to even identify it as a virus. If you are already wondering how to get rid of it, well, you can not. Not by a format or reinstall of Windows.

Well, It doesn’t bleed and it is very difficult to kill, you will need to efficiently wipe everything on your disc drive with specialized software for data destruction. Then if you are lucky the malware will be gone.

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