UUUUUUUU.uuu Ransomware Removal

I wrote this article to help you remove UUUUUUUU.uuu Ransomware. This UUUUUUUU.uuu Ransomware removal guide works for all Windows versions.

UUUUUUUU.uuu falls in, without a doubt, the worst category of cyber infections out there – the ransomware family. Do you know how ransomware got this reputation? Because it uses your own data to blackmail you for money. It locks everything on your PC and keeps it hostage unless you give up and pay. But do you know what happens if you pay? You get double-crossed and you expose your privacy to strangers.

Your files remain locked, you have lost your money and you have given crooks access to your private life. Make no mistake! Ransomware developers are not people you should be making deals with. They only care about getting your money. Your files are not their priority. So, don’t be naïve and gullible. Compliance will only worsen your situation. You need to find another way out and this is where our removal guide comes along.

Unlike the crooks` decryption tool, it is free and it will help you to both remove the threat from your PC and recover your data. However, before you proceed to remove the ransomware, take a few minutes to read the article and understand a bit more about the parasite you are dealing with. This will help you prevent another infection in the future.

The first thing you should know is that this ransomware didn’t appear as if by magic. It was allowed to get it and you were the one to allow it. These infections cannot enter without your approval so they have to ask for it. But they do that in the sneakiest way possible. If they ask you straightforward, of course, you will say “no”. That’s why they turn to trickery and deception. Like hiding in spam email attachments or in freeware bundles.

Corrupted links/pages/ads and fake program updates are also quite popular tactics. However, the point is that no matter which trick the pest uses it is just that – a trick. The rest is up to you. If you are negligent, of course, the parasite will succeed in infecting you. But if you pay more attention online, you increase your chances. Don’t open any email you get lightly. Especially if it is from an unknown sender. Take your time during installation processes and don’t skip the Terms and Conditions.

Also, always opt for the Advanced settings instead of the Basic ones when installing a program. They give you complete control over the process. And last but not least, stay away from illegitimate pages and unverified download sources. There are plenty of safe ones to use and your safety should always come first.

One the pest has already slithered in, it doesn’t waste time but proceeds with the encryption process immediately. It finds all of your sensitive files and locks them with a strong encryption algorithm. We are talking pictures, music, videos, documents, presentations, work files, etc. They all fall victims to UUUUUUUU.uuu and become inaccessible to you. The ransomware modifies them by adding the “.uuu” extension at the end of each file.

For example, a file named “Christmas” after encryption becomes “Christmas.uuu”. Seeing this malicious extension means that you PC is no longer able to recognize your data. When the encryption process is complete the ransomware moves on to the last and most important step. It drops a ransom note for you in which crooks explain your predicament and, of course, demand money from you.

Usually, the sum is a hefty one and you are given instructions on how to complete the payment. The note claims that, after you pay, you will receive a decryptor to unlock your files. This is nothing but a big fat lie. The crooks won`t give you anything. As long as they have your money, they don`t care for anything else. Or, if they do send you a decryption tool and it works, which is very doubtful, the ransomware itself remains on your machine. The tool doesn’t remove it and it can encrypt your data again anytime.

As we explained, paying is the worst possible option. Don’t even consider it. Not only will you get scammed but you will also help crooks expand their business with your own money. When you add to this the above-mentioned privacy risk, you don’t have a single reason to comply with these cybercriminals. Keep your money and protect your private life. Don’t become a sponsor of crooks.

UUUUUUUU.uuu Ransomware Uninstall

Method 1: Restore your encrypted files using ShadowExplorer
Usually, UUUUUUUU.uuu Ransomware deletes all shadow copies, stored in your computer. Luckily, the ransomware is not always able to delete the shadow copies. So your first try should be restoring the original files from shadow copies.

  1. Download ShadowExplorer from this link: http://www.shadowexplorer.com/downloads.html.
  2. Install ShadowExplorer
  3. Open ShadowExplorer and select C: drive on the left panelshadowexplorer
  4. Choose at least a month ago date from the date field
  5. Navigate to the folder with encrypted files
  6. Right-click on the encrypted file
  7. Select “Export” and choose a destination for the original file

Method 2: Restore your encrypted files by using System Restore

  1. Go to Start –> All programs –> Accessories –> System tools –> System restore
  2. Click “Nextsystem restore
  3. Choose a restore point, at least a month ago
  4. Click “Next
  5. Choose Disk C: (should be selected by default)
  6. Click “Next“. Wait for a few minutes and the restore should be done.

Method 3: Restore your files using File Recovery Software
If none of the above method works, you should try to recover encrypted files by using File Recovery Software. Since UUUUUUUU.uuu Ransomware first makes a copy of the original file, then encrypts it and deletes the original one, you can successfully restore the original, using a File Recovery Software. Here are a few free File Recovery Software programs:

  1. Recuva
  2. Puran File Recovery
  3. Disk Drill
  4. Glary Undelete

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