How to Remove (Chrome/Edge/Firefox)

I wrote this article to help you remove This removal guide works for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. is the nth nasty browser hijacker out there and it is anything BUT helpful. In its official website, is advertised to “provide the ultimate online search experience”. Needless to say, it doesn’t. It is a cyber infection and such infections don’t care for your safety or your online experience. This hijacker will only bring you a myriad of issues if you don’t take immediate actions to remove it.

Luckily, removing the pest is not that hard IF you don’t procrastinate. The longer it stays on board, the worse your situation gets. Before you know it your browsing experience will turn into a nightmare and your machine will get flooded with infections. So, the minute you spot the page, take it as a warning. Start looking for the hijacker`s hiding place and delete it upon discovery. If you don’t, you will regret it.

The virus adds a pesky extension that is perfectly compatible with all three of the above-mentioned browsers. Due to this plugin, all of your browsers become unreliable. You open one of them one day only to find that both your homepage and search engine have been replaced with the site. This domain is anything but safe and it becomes your new online companion. You get redirected to it and to other shady pages all the time. Also, the site mostly generates sponsored web links which cannot be trusted. Crooks use these links to make money via the pay-per-click method. So, you are not only helping them make money at your expense but you are also putting yourself in danger.

A single click on the wrong link could mean automatic download of more infections. Of course, there might be some perfectly safe links as well but there is no way of telling which is which unless you click. And clicking is too much of a risk. You can fill your PC with infections in no time. Aside from that, the hijacker also bombards you with questionable ads all the time which are just as unreliable as the links. Banners, coupons, deals, offers, video ads, and so on and so forth are covering your screen daily.

The Virus

The same rule applies: if you click on the wrong ad, you get malware. You have to stay away from everything the hijacker throws at you as it is dangerous unless you want to compromise your already compromised machine even more. And speaking of your PC, it is also affected by this hijacker. It is slow, it lags, it crashes. Your browsers freeze too. Even your previously stable Internet connection may worsen. But all of these issues pale in comparison with the privacy risk you are exposed to.

The hijacker is able to spy on your and monitor your every online move. It keeps on gathering valuable information and when it decides it has enough, it sends it. To whom? To the cybercriminals who published it, of course. You should know that these crooks won`t think twice before using your data for their malicious purposes or selling it to third parties. Either way, things will end badly for you. So, don’t let it get that far. Delete the pest while it is not too late. To do so manually, please use our removal guide below and get rid of once and for all.

How did you get infected? We assume it is safe to say that you didn’t download this pest on purpose. But you still did something that you shouldn’t have. You were careless. Infections need your permission on their installment and they rely on trickery and deception to dupe you. If you are negligent, they succeed. One of the most popular entering tactics involves freeware bundles. And an infection can easily be attached to a bundle and if you don’t pay enough attention, you install it as a “bonus”.

In order to protect your PC, don’t rush. Opt for the Custom settings in the Setup Wizard instead of the Basic ones as they give you the chance to see each program in the bundle as well as to decide which one stays and which one goes. Also, don’t skip the Terms and Conditions unless you want to accidentally agree to something you are totally against. Be more cautious and don’t help hackers infect you by giving them that they need the most – your haste, distraction, and carelessness. Be on the alert and we don’t only mean with bundles but in general. Infections are lurking from everywhere and you are the only one who can protect your machine. Uninstall

STEP-1 Before starting the real removal process, you must reboot in Safe Mode. If you are familiar with this task, skip the instructions below and proceed to Step 2. If you do not know how to do it, here is how to reboot in Safe mode:

For Windows 98, XP, Millenium and 7:
Reboot your computer. When the first screen of information appears, start repeatedly pressing F8 key. Then choose Safe Mode With Networking from the options.
Safe Mode with Networking
For Windows 8/8.1
Click the Start button, next click Control Panel —> System and Security —> Administrative Tools —> System Configuration.‌
Windows 8 Safe Mode with Network
Check the Safe Boot option and click OK. Click Restart when asked.
For Windows 10
Open the Start menu and click or tap on the Power button.
win10 safemode 1
While keeping the Shift key pressed, click or tap on Restart.
win10 safemode 2

STEP-2Here are the steps you must perform to remove the hijacker from the browser:

Remove From Mozilla Firefox:

Open Firefox, click on top-right corner , click Add-ons, hit Extensions next.
firefox extensions
Look for suspicious or unknown extensions, remove them all.

Remove From Chrome:

Open Chrome, click chrome menu icon at the top-right corner —>More Tools —> Extensions. There, identify the malware and select chrome-trash-icon(Remove).
chrome extensions

Remove From Internet Explorer:
Open IE, then click IE gear icon on the top-right corner —> Manage Add-ons.
ie gear
Find the malicious add-on. Remove it by pressing Disable.


Right click on the browser’s shortcut, then click Properties. Remove everything after the .exe” in the Target box.

ff shortcut


Open Control Panel by holding the Win Key and R together. Write appwiz.cpl in the field, then click OK.


Here, find any program you had no intention to install and uninstall it.


Run the Task Manager by right clicking on the Taskbar and choosing Start Task Manager.

task manager

Look carefully at the file names and descriptions of the running processes. If you find any suspicious one, search on Google for its name, or contact me directly to identify it. If you find a malware process, right-click on it and choose End task.


Open MS Config by holding the Win Key and R together. Type msconfig and hit Enter.


Go in the Startup tab and Uncheck entries that have “Unknown” as Manufacturer.

Still can not remove from your browser? Please, leave a comment below, describing what steps you performed. I will answer promptly.

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