TrueCrypter Ransomware Demands Payment In Bitcoins Or Amazon Gift Cards

The AVG analyst Jakub Kroustek discovered a new ransomware called TrueCrypter. The new ransomware encrypts your data using AES-256 encryption and demands either .2 bitcoins or $115 USD in Amazon gift cards.

TrueCrypter append the .enc extension to all encrypted files. However, due to the fact that it will automatically decrypt your files by clicking on the Pay button, it is still not certain if TrueCrypter is a test ransomware, or just a buggy program.

As already mentioned, the TrueCrypter program will encrypt your data files when it is installed. On the other hand, simply clicking on the pay button will cause it to decrypt these files and then remove itself from your computer.

By now, two ransomware programs are said to accept Amazon Gift Cards as a ransom payment. The first one is for a screenlocker in Android and the second one is TrueCrypter.

In fact, this is an interesting choice of a ransom payment as the Amazon Gift Card funds can easily be tracked by Amazon. Considering this, as well as the fact that the payment confirmation system is broken, makes the experts believe that TrueCrypter was made by an amateur rather than a seasoned malware developer.

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