TrapX Fights Ransomware With CryptoTrap Decryption Tool

A community decryption tool, specially designed to help users and organizations reinforce their security systems, is now available.

Dubbed CryptoTrap and launched by the cybersecurity firm TrapX, it misleads hackers and lures them away from important data using deception technology. Whit it, organizations have enough time to notice and deal with the ransomware threat before their network is compromised and valuable data is encrypted.

At this point, the tool is successfully deceiving attacks against network drives some variants for the C drive from the TeslaCrypt ransomware, the Locky ransomware and the newly found 7ev3n ransomware.

In order to develop CryptoTrap, researchers had to analyze more than 700 test variants to determine the behavior of a specific piece of ransomware. The tool is free for TrapX`s clients and the public for a one month trial period.

“Ransomware is a threat that is clearly becoming more pervasive, and as we have seen from numerous successful attacks in 2016, attackers are continuing to walk away with large sums of money and wreak havoc on organizations by holding their valuable assets hostage” – said CEO of TrapX, Greg Enriquez – “The challenge now is that cybercriminals are evolving their cryptographic ransomware techniques as they realize just how lucrative this attack method is.”

CryptoTrap tricks the ransomware into encrypting lure data, while it keeps the malware hostage preventing it from infecting valuable assets. Its DeceptionTokens, or decoys, deflect network-based ransomware attacks into TrapX specialized ransomware traps that isolate the threat.

While the malicious ransomware is being disconnected from the network, CryptoTrap informs the attacked company`s security team straightaway. Also, if the users utilize this tool in combination with the TrapX’s DeceptionGrid Advanced IR module, they would be able to use deep forensics to analyze potential threats and strengthen their protection.

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