Stampado Ransomware Version Re-encrypts Already Encrypted Files

Being targeted by a malicious ransomware which encrypts important files of yours is, without a doubt, an awful situation. Especially when you have to pay an unreasonably high ransom sum to some crook to get them back.

Normally, each piece of ransomware goes after specific types of file extensions, meaning that unless some ransomware is able to lock every extension on your machine, files that have already been encrypted once can`t be re-encrypted by another threat.

And then again, this was before the newest Stampado Ransomware version. Its author has decided to take his product to the next level modifying to target files which have already been encrypted once. The Emsisoft security expert, Fabian Wosar, came across this version while he was working on his Stampado decrypter. He discovered that the latest Stampado has additional targeted extensions that correspond to ransomware encrypted files. This basically means that if a user has already been infected by a ransomware and then they fall victim to Stampado, they will have to pay both ransom sums to decrypt the same files.

Stampado has been noticed to target more than 50 different extensions that are known to be files encrypted by other pieces of ransomware, such as Cerber, LeChiffre, Locky, Coverton, TeslaCrypt, PadCrypt, Kimcil and many others.

Even though Wosar created a free decrypter for Stampado, the ransomware creator is showing us that he is not giving up.

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