Sonic PDF Converter Virus Removal

I wrote this article to help you remove Sonic PDF Converter. This Sonic PDF Converter removal guide works for all Windows versions.

Sonic PDF Converter is a nasty cyber infection. The pest belongs to the family of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). This means that, if you have it on board, you are up for a ton of issues. PUPs may not be the most dangerous type of parasites but they can and will cause you trouble if you don’t act fast against them. Sonic PDF Converter is not an exception. The longer it stays, the worse your situation gets. Keep in mind that this program was not created to be beneficial to you in any way. On the contrary. It was only developed to serve crooks` malicious purposes. What is more, by keeping the infection on your machine, you are also helping hackers. Sonic PDF Converter has no place on board. It will eventually go out of hand and then it would be much harder for you to deal with it. Don’t wait until this happens. Take measures now and get rid of the PUP before it is too late.

Once Sonic PDF Converter enters, the mess-making begins. The program adds a brand new pesky extension to all of your browsers, thus injecting them with advertisements. Needless to say, your permission was not needed for this modification. The thing is that the PUP does not need you to approve the changes it makes. It is able to act as it sees fit. It can also install additional toolbars without any authorization. You are not the one in charge anymore. The crooks are. Let`s get back to those ads, though.

Now that your browsers are infected you are constantly bombarded with pop-ups in all forms. Your whole screen is covered with banners, coupons, deals, offers, in-texts, video ads, etc. and etc. No matter what you do, you cannot get rid of them. Sometimes they even appear right under the cursor of your mouse and you are forced to click on them whether you want it or not. Then, the hackers earn money. This is the single purpose of these sponsored commercials. Crooks use them to gain effortless profits via the pay-per-click mechanism. This means that each of your clicks on an ad fills cybercriminals` pockets. What is more, you are not only sponsoring these people, you are also putting yourself at risk. Nothing the PUP generates can be trusted.

Remove Sonic PDF Converter
The Sonic PDF Converter Virus

A single click on the wrong ad is all it takes for you to invite more malware on your already infected machine. Unless you want to make your predicament worse, stay away from everything this pest throws at you. The last thing you need it more infections. Your computer is underperforming enough due to this single PUP. It is slow and it lags. Your system reboots frequently. Your browsers freeze. Imagine what it would be if you download more parasites. Sonic PDF Converter brings you nothing good. Moreover, if you are particularly unlucky, the pest could get access to your personal and financial details. If it does, who do you think it would send them to? The crooks behind it, of course. Don’t let that happen. Delete the intruder and regain control over your machine. To do so manually, use our removal guide below.

But how did Sonic PDF Converter get it in the first place? Well, one of the most popular methods is freeware bundling. All crooks do is attach their malware to a program and you do the rest by not paying attention when installing said program. This is why this technique is so effective. Most users tend to throw caution to the wind during installation processes. They don’t read the Terms and Conditions/EULA and apply the “next/next/next/finish” tactic. This is clearly a mistake. If you want to keep your PC infection-free, you have to know what you are inviting on board. Pay attention and don’t be negligent. Opt for the Advanced settings in the Setup Wizard instead of the Basic ones. This way you will be able to see each additional program in the bundle as well as deselect anything that you don’t want. Vigilance is the key to your safety. Other infiltration methods include spam emails, fake program updates, corrupted pages, third-party pop-ups, etc.

Sonic PDF Converter Uninstall

STEP-1 Run the Task Manager by right clicking on the Taskbar and choosing Start Task Manager.

task manager

Look carefully at the file names and descriptions of the running processes. If you find any suspicious one, search on Google for its name, or contact me directly to identify it. If you find a malware process, right-click on it and choose End task.


Open Control Panel by holding the Win Key and R together. Write appwiz.cpl in the field, then click OK.


Here, find any program you had no intention to install and uninstall it.


Open MS Config by holding the Win Key and R together. Type msconfig and hit Enter.


Go in the Startup tab and Uncheck entries that have “Unknown” as Manufacturer.

Still can not remove Sonic PDF Converter from your computer? Please, leave a comment below, describing what steps you performed. I will answer promptly.

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