Ransom32: the First Javascript Ransomware for Windows, Mac, and Linux (Video)

Video Transcription

Ransom32 is one of the newest ransomware around and as usual is scary. Understanding what NW.js is essential for this ransomware.

NW.js or Node Webkit is a platform on its own, that allows coding with JavaScript. And what’s so special about it you may ask.

Usually, JavaScript programming has limits set by the browsers, but this platform removes those limits and allow JavaScript code to reach and manipulate the OS itself.

NW.js runs on all operating systems, so no, you are not save only by being a Mac user.

You can get infected by spam emails, imitating important ones like mails from institutions, invoices, invitations and so on.

So inspect your mails carefuly, as one of them might carry Ransom32.

If you do get infected you’ll find many of your files encrypted and currently there’s no way to unlock them.

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