Protect Your Computer From CryptoWall Ransomware (Video)

Video Transcription

Are you wondering who’s behind Cryptowall 4.0? If you haven’t guessed it yet, yes it’s hackers from Russia. Cryptowall is also stored at on russian servers. And how does that concern you? Well, mostly knowing that Russian users are safe, because if Cryptowall detects a Russian language keyboard, it just stops the encryption process.

So if you’re not russian you’re probably in danger, because most of the major countries are affected by this ransomware.

No worries though as there’s a vaccine for Cryptowall 4.0. Yes, you heared it right. A vaccine created by BitDefender and you’ll find the link to it in the description below. It works like a charm.

But doesn’t real life of vaccination is addition to a solid hygiene and a healthy lifestyle?

So keep your antivirus updated, browse carefully.

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