Jigsaw Ransomware Updated, Sold for $250 on the Black Market

An updated version of Jigsaw ransomware is available online. The malware contains a new extortion module that collects users’ emails, chat logs and passwords.

Criminals can purchase updated Jigsaw ransomware for 0.4 BTC (~$255 USD). This will give them the basic service of the malware. The new Jigsaw ability is to gather information about a person’s private life. The ransomware collects information from user’s social accounts and online chat programs. It makes an archive of all messages he has sent through his e-mail accounts, Skype, Facebook, Telegram Messenger and other personal correspondence platforms. Then, the victim is informed that this personal information will be sent to everyone from his contact lists, if the ransom is not paid in time.

The creator of Jigsaw ransomware explains why he chose to create this kind of software. The majority of ransomware programs only lock files, but do not create any personal issues for the victim. Having your shameful actions exposed to your partner, family and friends raises the bar up. The software can scan accounts and tell the user who has a high profile. This way, the user will know to target a person who has a skeleton in his closet.

This upgrade of Jigsaw has another substantial upside. Most ransomware programs only encrypt the files, stored on the C: hard drive. This version of the ransomware encrypts the information from all hard drives of the targeted computer. It reaches out to the entire network, collecting data from other devices and external drives.

There are three other services, offered by the hacker. For 0.5 BTC, one can buy a complete US business database. It contains 1.2 million records of various companies.

A freebie of over 100 thousand records will give the potential buyer a further insight into the database, listed above. It includes the full address, e-mail, website, coordinates and category of real estate agencies, financial institutions and attorneys.

For 1.5 BTC, the user can purchase a software package. It is comprised of a collection of programs, GUIDs, VPNs and 50 SMTP servers.

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