How to prevent ransomware: 12 tips and tricks (Video)

Video Transcription

This is a ransomware creation factory and let’s take a look into it.

Evil Voice: “Our profits from ransoms are steadily increasing but it’s not enough. Our news ransomware should bring us more money than ever before. It’s very advanced and once it infects the victim’s computer they will not have another option except to pay the ransom”.

You just heard him. If you get infected by a ransomware you might end up paying the ransom to get your files back. We always say prevention is the key. That is why we came up with 12 tips for ransomware prevention.

  1. Backup your most important on a regular basis.
  2. Personalize your email and spam settings to block attachments with suspicious extensions like .exe, .vbs, etc.
  3. If an email attachment that looks suspicious don’t ever open it.
  4. Be sure to know where exactly you are going after you click a certain hyperlink.
  5. Enable the Show file extension feature on Windows just so you know what kind of files you’re dealing with.
  6. Keep all of your software updateted. Otherwise new types of ransomware might catch you off guard.
  7. If you suspect your PC to be infected immediately turn off the Internet connection.
  8. Keep the Windows firewall on all the time.
  9. Disable Windows Script Host from the registry editor.
  10. Remove Windows PowerShell to reduce task automation even more.
  11. Install a pop-up blocker on your browser for an additional layer of security.
  12. Remove or disable Remote control software.

If you implement those tips on your daily computer usage it should serve you as a good hygiene for ransomware prevention.

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