How to Easily Use iPhone 6 plus With One Hand (Video)

Video Transcription

Ever since you bought your iPhone 6 plus, you’re in love with it. It’s beautiful Retina display, long battery life, you know how it goes. But at times it feels enormous, doesn’t it. And using it with one hand might be a real struggle.

You know that with the double tapping the home button, the whole user interface lies down for easier one hand usage. Here are a few tips on how to get most of it.

  • Rearrange your apps so when the UI shifts down, you have the most used apps directly at your finger.
  • When the UI is shifted down, swipe the space above your apps to pull down the notification bar.
  • Slide your finger from left to right to go back one step, instead of trying to reach the top left corner.
  • Spotlight search should be a go to feature for iPhone 6 plus users as you can easily access almost everything just by swiping down and typing what you need.
  • You can now also download Swiftkey for iOS and once you master it you will not even bother typing with two hands.
  • Hold it tight because you can easily drop it if you are not careful.

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