How To Decrypt Gomasom Ransomware Encrypted Files (Video)

Video Transcription

There is a new ransomware named Gomasom which is short from Google Mail Ransomware.  This ransomware will encrypt your files as well as your executables, making them completely useless. Then it adds Gmail addresses in the names of the encrypted files, so you can message the hackers and receive ransom instructions. Hence the Gomasom  name.

Fortunately, there’s a great decrypting application created by EMSI soft. which you can download this address and you have to do it.

Once you have it on your PC, simply drag and drop the encrypted file, and a file with the same extension on top of it. The application will extract the decrypting pattern and
decrypt as many files as possible.

I’m Ivo from and please check this video if you want to know more about new ransomware.

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