How to Decrypt CoinVault Ransomware (Video)

Video Transcription

There are many different types of ransomware, but we can only cover one per video. So let us dive into the ransomware world and see where it stopped.

CoinVault is a typical file encrypting virus that asks for a payment to decrypt your files. And it can also download a browser password-dump tool to steal login information from you.

CoinVault can enter your system in many ways. By spam mail attachments, from pop-ups or fake updates of popular software, illegal downloads and many more. Lack of attention is what usually gives a virus an opportunity to infect a system. So be very careful with everything that looks even slightly suspicious.

Not getting infected is much easier than dealing with the infection. Check this video on 12 tips on ransomware prevention.

But if you notice that an infection occurs with your computer been very slow and freezing at times immediately turn off the Internet
connection. Then back up all important files on USB drive and try to remove CoinVault with a security software or manually in Safe mode with Networking.

To decrypt files encrypted with CoinVault download the free CoinVault decrypter from the link at the description. Extract the archive and then open the decrypter. Click change parameters. Uncheck list of encrypted files and check Folder with encrypted files. Then start the scan and give it as much time as it needs while making sure your computer will not turn off in the middle of the process and you should
have your files decrypted.

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