Free Decrypter For Bart Ransomware Released

Only a month after the malware experts first noticed the Bart ransomware, the AVG security researcher Jakub Kroustek has developed a free decrypter for recovering files encrypted by Bart ransomware.

Unlike many malicious threats nowadays, Bart has two reasons to compete the others.

The first one is the fact that this ransomware is distributed via one of the largest malware-spreading botnets in the world. This is the same network which spreads the Dridex banking trojan and the Locky ransomware.

The second reason is that Bart does not use encryption to lock victims’ data, but merely takes all their files and places them inside a password-protected ZIP archive, deleting the original ones.

Jakub Kroustek found that instead of using different passwords for all files, Bart uses one and the same. Fortunately, the security expert managed to create a free decrypter, which victims can use to recover their locked files.

Anyone who is a victim of Bart ransomware can download the decrypter for free. In case you need more help, read the tutorial at the official website of AVG.

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