2 thoughts on “Download Teslacrypt Decrypt Utility”

  1. The latest Tesla attack changes the extension to .MP3. I was able to remove the malware but I have thousands of files encrypted. The Tesla Decrpytors on your site available for download do not address files with .MP3. Are you working on one or do you have one available? Many Many Thanks and Help is so needed!!! Thank You!!!

    1. Hey Joel, sorry to hear you got this nasty ransomware too. Can you try a test for me? Can you get one .mp3 encrypted file, rename it to have a “.ecc” extension and follow the steps in this article: http://virusguides.com/decrypt-teslacrypt/

      To be honest, there is a small chance that this would work, since I have no information at this moment if the .mp3 encrypted files use the old Teslacrypt alorythm. Please, share your result.


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