DVSA Receipt Emails Drop Malware

DVSA Receipt Malware Email is one that pretends to be sent from the Fixed Penalty Office at the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. According to this email, your DVSA receipt is included in an attached Microsoft Word document. Additionally, the email implies that you previously requested that the DVSA send you this receipt.

Also, the email includes an address, phone number, and website link for the DVSA and tacks on the type of legal and security statement that you might expect to see on a legitimate government message.

Nevertheless, the most important thing you should know here, is that this email is not from the DVSA and the attached Word document does not contain a penalty receipt. So, if you attempt to open the Word document, you will be prompted to enable macros, supposedly so that the ‘receipt’ can be securely displayed.

dvsa virustotal detection

Yet, if you enable the macros as requested, the malicious macro which subsequently runs willdownload and install further malware components on your virtual machine.

This is what the DVSA has published about the malware attack:

“DVSA is aware that some members of the public have had emails claiming to be from the DVSA Fixed Penalty Office. The emails contain an attachment to a ‘fixed penalty receipt’.
DVSA never sends fixed penalty notices to customers by email.”

In case you receive any of these emails, do not open any attachments or click any links that it contains. The best thing you could do is to leave them disabled in Microsoft Office, unless you have a good knowledge of macros and have a specific reason for using them.

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