DMA Locker Ransomware Patches Decryption Flaw, Decryption Impossible at the Moment

A new version of DMA Locker was released by the ransomeware developers. The updated threat includes a patch to fix a flaw that left earlier iterations easily decryptable.

This is the third version of the DMA Locker ransomware and it also includes an RSA key and key validation.

According to a recent post by security researcher, “This time the key necessary to decrypt files must be supplied not as a text, but as RSA key file,” the researcher said.

The author of this malware, despite appearing inexperienced in programming, seems to be very determined to gradually improve the quality of the product.”

Apart from the addressing the decryption flaw, coding in the previous versions was so shoddy that the malware would even crush a computer before the victim received a ransom demand.

Presently, it is not certain if the problem persists in the latest version of DMA Locker.

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