Decrypt TeslaCrypt Encrypted Files for Free (Video)

Video Transcription

This is John. He works from home, so he can spend more time with his family. Everything is great until this ransomware Teslacrypt comes into play and John finds all of his files encrypted. Now John is at the office, explaining to his boss why he can not finish his work. And he may even get fired now…

Imagine that this happens to you! Prevention is always key because Teslacrypt is spread by Anlger exploit kit, which is carried by spam emails or suspicious websites. So be very careful what you open and download. But even if you do get infected, there’s still hope. People from have created a new decryption tool for this particular ransomware which you can download at this address.

Before you open it, copy the key.dat file which contains the master decrypting key from the application data folder to the Talos decryption tool location. If you don’t have a Key.dat file, Talos decryption tool swill create a master decryptiing key on its own and use it to decrypt your files. That’s how you deal with Teslacrypt ransomware.

And this is what ransomware creators think…

So always be cautious when you surf the internet, because new and more sophisticated ransomware are always been released.

I’m Ivo from and if you wanna see more videos about malicious software feel free to check out channel.

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