CryptXXX Ransomware Decrypted, Again

Recently, the Kaspersky Lab security researchers reported that they had developed a decryption tool for CryptXXX ransomware in order to help the victims get their files back for free. Unfortunately, last week the ransomware had managed to stop the decryption tool from working. However, no matter the hackers’ constant efforts to rob the ransomware victims, CryptXXX was solved once again.

The security experts from Kaspersky Lab have just updated the decryption tool to adapt to the second version of CryptXXX in RannohDecryptor Now the tool can be downloaded completely free of charge.

The notes on the update include:

  1. RannohDecryptor supports decryption of about 40 popular file formats, including documents, archives, images, etc. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to decrypt any arbitrary file format.
  2. Decryption may take some time. Generally, the 1st file gets decrypted within several minutes, and all subsequent files in a matter of seconds (each). In the worst case every file will take several minutes.
  3. Original copy is not needed for Cryptxxx v2.

The updated decryption tool will help the victims infected with CryptXXX to decrypt their .crypt files. Nevertheless, users should be aware that cyber criminals continue to work on ransomware, so they should keep their systems protected at all times.

The security solutions of Kaspersky Lab block CryptXXX variants as well as other forms of ransomware and malware of other kinds. Still, the experts advise users to protect their computers with a security software.

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