Crypto-ransomware Counts 83 per cent of Overall Ransomware

Cyber criminals have been overtaking Australia with Crypto-ransomware during the past few months.

According to researchers’ security roundup report, Crypto-ransomware increased to 83% of overall ransomware use in 2015. The same report also shows that Cyptowall was the most frequently used variant launching on users’ computers through infectious downloads or via email.

Considering the above-mentioned, Australia is ranked third in the world in 2015 for countries with the most number of users who clicked on malicious URLs.

Apart from these facts, Australia was ranked third for most affected country globally for Angler Exploit Kits which accounted for 57.3% of overall exploit kit usage last year.

Besides, Australia declared an increase in online banking bugs. In Q4 2015, the country reported 9,292 infected, up from 1,197 in Q3 of the same year.

According to the enterprise sales and channel director A/NZ, Indi Siriniwasa, the 2015 numbers have confirmed that traditional methods of protecting data and assets should be reassessed to maintain a high level of corporate and personal security.

The prevalence and sophistication of extortion, cyber espionage and expanding targeted attacks now dictate that organisational security strategies must be prepared to defend against a potentially greater onslaught in 2015. This realisation can help the security community better anticipate and respond to what attackers are trying to accomplish,” Siriniwasa stated.

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