Credential-Stealing Malware Gets Back To Google And Apple Stores

After being categorized as a credential-stealing malware in the Google Play and iOS App Stores last November, the application called InstaAgent was removed.

However, Turker Bayram, the man who created the above-mentioned software, is back now with two brand new applications, named “Who Cares With Me – InstaDetector” and “InstaCare – Who Cares With Me” for both iOS and Android.

The malicious software steals login credentials by claiming that the app will show users who is tracking their Instagram account. However, what the software actually does is obtaining user’s passwords and uses the stolen information to insert ads into their feed after that.

According to David L-R, the person who discovered the previous malicious application and alerted the two stores, the new apps are just more-sophisticated versions of the previous malware app.

Instead of sending user credentials back to Bayram’s server in clear text, posing yet another security threat, the program now encrypts that data, but still sends to a server under Bayram’s control that is used to insert ads into the users’ feeds, in violation of the Instagram terms of service. Currently, it appears that both applications have now been pulled from the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

Proving that the David L-R ‘s findings on the new app are a raft of review of the new apps, each warning others that after using either InstaCare or InstaDetect, the user’s Instagram accounts were infected with spam advertising.

Security experts advise steering clear of any third-party app in either Google Play or the App Store which promises to provide users with the identities of those who are following their accounts on Instagram or any other social services.

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