ALERT: This New Ransomware Steals Passwords Before Encrypting Files! (Video)

Video Transcription

The famous exploit kit Angler used by hackers worldwide to spread malware is more dangerous than ever! Angler’s main purpose is to find vulnerable spots in outdated software such as Java and Adobe Flash. Then it silently settles down on your PC and creates a great environment for spreading tons of scary malware. It sends your passwords to servers controlled by hackers.

Other malware,  Cryptowall 4.0, will manifest itself by encrypting documents, pictures and other files. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to pay a ransom for your passwords and files. Hackers using Cryptowall have collected more than three hundred million dollars last year along from ransoms.

Just imagine how effective it is, but don’t get anxious and calm down. As always it’s best to avoid all that by being very careful and keeping your software and antivirus updated. Also be sure to backup sensitive data on an external drive, use system recovery and last but
not least never pay a ransom! You will only be sponsoring malignant criminals and exposing yourself to more risk.

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