New SMS Phishing Scam Targets Apple Clients’ IDs and Passwords

A new phishing trip is underway, trying to catch users’ passwords and Ids. While phishing is now commonly trying to discover personal data such as bank credentials, this one appears to be trawling for user log-in details for their Apple accounts.

It does this by messaging – addressing the user by name – and informing that ‘… your Apple ID is due to expire today. To prevent termination confirm your details at…’ and gives a fake Apple ‘site address to do this. The notification is purportedly from the Apple Support team. The website address even sounds feasible (‘’).

apple message scam

NOTE: Apple Ids DO NOT expire! Do not visit this ‘site! It is unclear yet what the hackers are fishing for – though it will certainly be detrimental to the user. On the (genuine) Apple ‘site, users are told, “never send credit card information, account passwords, or extensive personal information”. In short, never send personal information in answer to any unsolicited request.

If an Apple user is in any doubt about the veracity of any Apple page, they should look at the URL bar. If the ‘site is genuine, it will display ‘Apple Inc’ along with a padlock to show it is secure. If these are not displayed, leave.

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