Thursday, May 25, 2017
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Computer Security News

teamvewer spread ransomware

Hackers Spread Ransomware Via TeamViewer

According to security experts, most of the ransomware attacks are deployed through exploits, booby-trapped email attachments, or Microsoft Office loopholes, which occur when users are tricked into enabling macros. However, a...
unlock keys

Unnamed Ransomware Uses Backdoored Crypto API, Unlock Keys Available

Decryption keys for the malware was released by the software developer whose example encryption code was used by a strain of ransomware.The malicious software without a name encrypts users' files on...
radamant decrypt

Radamant C&C Server Flaw Allows Free File Decryption

A newly-found flaw in the Radamant command and control (C&C) server has allowed security experts to trick the malware into decrypting victims' machines for free.Radamant is a well-known ransomware kit on...
digital signature

Malware Gang Steals Certificates To Bypass Code-Signing Checks

Hacking operations depend on various factors. When it comes to the Suckfly gang, one of the key factors for such an operation is having lots of stolen code-signing certificates on hand...
steam stealer

‘Steam Stealer’ Suspected Of Hijacking 77K Accounts Monthly

Security expert from Kaspersky, Santiago Pontiroli, has just uncovered an account-stealing malware which sells for as little as £20 on the black market. The malware is called Steam Stealer' and it...
malicious ads

Malvertisers Plant Angler Exploit Kit on Popular Sites

Security researchers have discovered an advertising campaign which has been placing malicious advertisements on very popular websites both in the US and internationally."", "" and "" are just three of the...
trojan horse

Nemucod Trojan Spreads Ransomware via Emails

Last week, a tsunami of spam emails in Australia, Japan, Europe, and North America has been reported. Next week it's expected to be even bigger.In Australia, the tsunami accounted for 33%...
ransomware attacks

Report: Chinese Hackers Behind US Ransomware Attacks

Security researchers claim that cyber criminals who use tactics and tools previously associated with Chinese government-supported computer network intrusions have joined the cyber crime industry of ransomware.Ransomware, that involves encrypting a...
macro virus

Fileless Malware Spread via Word Documents And Windows PowerShell

A while ago, security experts found out a new kink in the tactics of cyber criminals. In order to deliver fileless malware to their targets, hackers are now combining spam campaigns,...
ottawa hospital

Ottawa Hospital Under Ransomware Attack

This week, Ottawa Hospital reported that its computer network was infected with ransomware. Four of the hospital's 9,800 virtual machines were affected.According to the CBC News, the computers were struck by...