Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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Computer Security News


Petya-Misha Ransomware Rebranded as GoldenEye?

It looks like the developer of the Petya-Misha ransomware has created a new ransomware version, which is based on his previous product but it uses a brand new name – GoldenEye....

Locky Ransomware Developers Continue The Mythology Trend With The .Osiris File Extension

Locky ransomware is the top encryption virus for 2016. Throughout the year, the developers of the malicious program have appended many changes to its code and specifications. The file extension is...

Apple’s Activation Lock on iPhones and iPads is Unlocked

Security experts have recently discovered how to bypass the Apple Activation Lock on the latest versions of iOS, 10.1 and 10.1.1 for iPhones and iPads.Activation Lock is the lock screen which...

Shamoon Disk Wiper Returns After A Four Year Break

The Shamoon Disk Wiper Malware, also going by the name of Disttrack, has returned with new attacks after a four-year break once again oriented in attacking companies in Saudi Arabia. First...

Cerber Ransomware Has Started Using Google As a Distribution Client

Cerber was only created early this year, but the ransomware has gone through metamorphoses on a number of occasions during its short lifespan. The changes included the hackers altering the coding...

Two Decryptors for VindowsLocker Ransomware Released

The Malwarebytes security team in cooperation with the independent security researcher @TheWack0lian have created free decryptors for a brand new version of ransomware which came out a week ago. The new...

The Kangaroo Ransomware is Here With New Nastier Features

The cybercriminal gang behind the notorious Fabiansomware, Esmeralda and the Apocalypse ransomware pieces have recently added one more threat to their artillery – the Kangaroo ransomware.However, Kangaroo differentiates from the...

The Municipal Transit System of San Francisco Falls Victim to Ransomware

Newspapers reported that San Francisco's Municipal Railway, widely known as Muni, fell victim to a ransomware attack last Friday. The event was witnessed by passengers, as the computer screens in the...

Cerber Ransomware 5.0 is Out and Innovated

The security expert Bryan Campbell has recently noticed that Cerber Ransomware 5.0 is being distributed via RIG-V exploit kits.Thanks to the RIG-V exploit kits, the ransomware could be installed on...

MHT Files May Become The Next Locky Deliverer

There is a possibility that, in the near future, the Locky`s criminal gang may start to use MHT (MHTML) files as spam email attachments to infect targets with their malicious payload.The...