Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Computer Security News

Computer Security News


RCE Flaw in SAP GUI Exposes Company Networks to Malware Attacks

ERPScan security researchers alerted that a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability has been found in SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface). The flaw exposes unpatched systems to malware attacks, mostly to ransomware....

Cerber Ransomware Distributed Through Blank Slate Campaign

Cerber ransomware is notorious for its constant changes. The renegade developers behind the virus work tirelessly to make their software difficult to combat against. The latest chapter in the book of...

Necurs Botnet Campaign Manipulates the Stock Market

Because of distributing Dridex and Locky ransomware, Necurs has been pronounced as the largest spam botnet in the world. However, it seems that Necurs has a brand new role now, trying...

User Account Control Bypass Can Be Used for Fileless Attacks

The security researcher Matt Nelson reveals that a newly discovered User Account Control (UAC) bypass that uses App Paths can be used for fileless attacks.A week ago, Nelson revealed that...

Star Trek Themed Kirk Ransomware Introduces the Monero Cryptocurrency to the Branch

Last Thursday, the Avast researcher Jakub Kroustek uncovered a ransomware program titled Kirk. The infection pays a tribute to the Star Trek fantasy series.Upon entering a vulnerable device, Kirk ransomware proceeds...

Hackers Cover Ransomware via New NSIS Installers

Microsoft reported that new distribution campaigns are using installer files from the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) to evade ransomware.Not long ago, the NSIS installers were associated with different ransomware families,...

North American and Canadian Businesses Targeted by MajikPOS Malware

Trend Micro security experts have discovered a new PoS malware, named MajikPOS, that is currently targeting North American and Canadian businesses.According to Trend Micro, MajikPOS has the same capabilities as...

Cyber Criminals Have Hijacked Petya Ransomware to Create PetrWrap Ransomware

It would appear that there is indeed to honor among thieves, as hackers have stolen the code of Petya ransomware. After pirating a virus of all things, the cyber criminals used...

Ransomware Compromised Over 61% of Organizations

One of the biggest proofs that ransomware is a huge problem nowadays is the latest report by CyberEdge Group which states that 61% of organizations have been compromised by ransomware over...

Intel Security Releases an EFI Rootkit Checker After the Vault 7 Leaks

Intel Security published a rootkit checker tool after WikiLeaks Vault 7 revelations regarding firmware vulnerabilities in popular hardware.The Vault 7 disclosures state that the CIA has managed to create Extensible Firmware...