Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Computer Security News

Computer Security News


Samas RansomWorm Spreads Throughout the Whole Network

Samas RansomWorm is a ransomware variant with unusual propagation characteristics, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting machines. Unlike the ordinary ransomware which encrypts the computer controlled by the hacker, RansomWorm spreads inside throughout...

CIA Can Bypass the Encryption Layers of Popular Messaging Apps

Vault 7, which Wikileaks finally opened, didn’t reveal good news. What it did reveal is the CIA`s wide hacking capacity. The agency uses out smart devices for espionage by bypassing the...

Vault 7: CIA Can Spy on People Through Their Personal Electronics

Vault 7 at Wikileaks was recently opened up. The archive revealed details about certain surveillance techniques, employed by the CIA. These technologies involve using electronic devices for spying.Different surveillance mechanisms target...

Shamoon Data-Wiping Malware Adds a Ransomware Feature

Security researchers discovered a new family of data-wiping malware which uses more advanced methods of hiding out and evading detection. The malware is called StoneDrill and most probably it is related...

Files Locked by Dharma Ransomware Variants Can Now Be Decrypted

Kaspersky and ESET security companies have updated their decryption keys for the Dharma ransomware, thanks to following a Pastebin link.This happened after a mysterious user named gektar posted a link to...

New Version of TorrentLocker Ransomware Launches Attacks in Denmark

TorrentLocker returned with a vengeance and an enhanced arsenal. The ransomware deployed two large scale attacks in Denmark within a few days. Upon analyzing the new variant of the program, researchers...

Dridex Banking Trojan Avoids Detection Through AtomBombing

Dridex Trojan, which has been placed among the most dangerous banking Trojans lately, has just been updated. Taking the advantage of AtomBombing, the new update makes Dridex even harder to detect....

Files Locked by Filecoder Mac Ransomware Can Be Decrypted Now

A new strain of ransomware was discovered and analyzed last week. According to researchers, the new piece is targeting one specific group of Mac OS users – those who are trying...

Ransomware Can Take Companies Offline for Over a Week

It is well established that ransomware attacks on enterprises are the most costly. Attackers demand higher sums from corporations than they do from private users. Timico, cloud service provider, partnered up...

Unlock26 Ransomware and RaaS Portal Under Development

It turned out that the newly found Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) portal is responsible for the distribution of a brand new ransomware family called Unlock26.Dot-Ransomware, or the RaaS portal was first noticed on...