Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Computer Security News

Computer Security News


Dok Malware Gets Access to Mac Users’ Data Even if Encrypted by SSL

Check Point researchers have recently discovered a brand new malware targeting Mac users. The virus is called Dok and it might be the first major scale malware distributed via a well-coordinated...

SCADA Vulnerabilities Allow Ransomware Attacks

Security researchers alert that crooks and other malicious actors can hijack mission-critical control systems that don’t pose an obvious risk and use them for their attacks.Nowadays, ransomware is more and...

Ransomware Attacks Rise As Hackers Focus On Educational and Healthcare Institutions

Verizon recently published the 2017 edition of the annual Data Breach Incident Report (DBIR). The results are bleak, as ransomware attacks have increased by 50% during the past year.Analyzing the report,...

Cybercriminals Can Steal Cars Due to Hyundai App Vulnerabilities

Hyundai corporation has just released updates for its Blue Link mobile application in order to fix some flaws which cybercriminals could have exploited to steal cars.The Blue Link mobile app can...

NSA`s DoublePulsar Exploit Widely Used Online

If you are a member of a read team or you have received a pen-rest report from such, then it is highly possible that you are familiar with the reports of...

New Spam Campaign For Locky Ransomware Has Been Launched

Malware analysts from British software company My Online Security have issued a warning about a new spam wave. The campaign in question spreads Locky ransomware, a well-known artist from the malware...

Android Spyware Avoids Detection for Years

The fact that the Android updates come automatically and do not require installing any other tool appears to be rather disturbing. The problem with these updates is the numerous users who...

Cheap RaaS Deletes Decryptor When Detecting Analysis Software

A new cheap Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) has been detected by security experts from the threat intelligence firm Recorded Future. Dubbed Karmen, the RaaS it able to automatically delete the decryption tool in...

Cerber Is A Ransomware Chartbreaker

Malwarebytes Labs has just reported that the market share of one of the most active malware families during the past year – Cerber ransomware, has increased to 87% in the first...

38% of Ransomware Attacks On Private Users Result In a Payment

Researchers at Trustlook report that ransomware attacks on regular computer users have frequented. The aftermath is even more concerning, as statistics show that 38% of the victims decide to pay the...