Thursday, May 25, 2017
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Computer Security News

Computer Security News

ip address

The IP of the Long Gone Conficker Malware Spotted in Website Hijacking Campaign

After researchers from Sucuri Security decided to investigate a set of hacked websites, they discovered a campaign which was leveraging the FreeDNS service to abuse legitimate webpages. What was more surprising,...

BlackNurse DoS Attacks Can Bring Down Large Servers Using a Single Laptop

BlackNurse is a revolutionary technology in the field of cyber attacks. Hackers only need one laptop and minimal data to perform a DoS (denial of service) attack. The BlackNurse attacks target...
microsoft edge browser

Microsoft Edge Browser is the Most Effective Protection Against SEM

According to the latest report of NSS Labs, Microsoft Edge is the web browser which blocks the highest percentage of socially engineered malware (SEM) and phishing attacks when compared to Google...

Developer Leaks Source Code for Nuclear Bot to Get Avowal From His Peers

After falling victim to peer pressure, the creator of the Nuclear Bot banking Trojan decided to release its source code. Now everyone who wishes can use this program to rob people....
dridex trojan

Dridex Banking Trojan Bans Suspicious Hosts and Adds Crypto-Currency Wallets to its Hit List

Recent samples of the notorious and perilous Dridex banking Trojan revealed that its newer versions will be able to steal cryptocurrency wallets` credentials in the near future. Dridex, aka Cridex or Bugat,...

Locky and Sage Ransomware Use the Same Distribution Infrastructure

PhishMe security researchers warn that the Locky ransomware is relying on the same delivery infrastructure which was previously used for the Sage ransomware distribution. Cybercriminals often share infrastructure between one another,...

The Latest Dridex Trojan Version Bypasses Windows UAC With a New Tactic

Flashpoint security experts have recently stumbled across a new variant of the notorious Dridex banking Trojan which is leveraging a new tactic to go around the User Account Control (UAC). Dridex is...
zeus panda trojan

Zeus Panda Banking Trojan Joins The 2016 Olympics

With the start of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games a new version of the Zeus Banking Trojan, called Panda, started targeting financial transactions in Brazil. According to IBM X-Force Research`s...
VirLocker Ransomware

New VirLocker Ransomware Version Still Effective Despite Uncovered Flaw

VirLocker ransomware came back with a vengeance last week after a lengthy absence. The virus was first spotted in 2014. It is part of a ransomware family first dubbed Operation Global...
hddcryptor ransomware

The HDDCryptor Ransomware Able To Lock Victims` Hard-Drives

A new piece of ransomware, named HDDCryptor (or also Mamba), has been spotted to target not only specific file types and folders but it also locks the entire hard drive's MBR...