Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Computer Security News


The Crooks Behind WannaCry Ransomware Launch Monthly Data Dump Service

The cybercriminal gang behind the WannaCry ransomware - Shadow Brokers - posed in a blog post that every month they will be releasing more and more of the data they stole....

WannaCry Ransomware Racks Up $70,000 in Payments

WannaCry has been the most discussed ransomware virus over the course of the past few days. The infection was distributed in an unprecedented attack launched this past Friday. The high scale...

The North Korean Lazarus Cyber Gang May Be Behind WannaCry Ransomware

The story about WannaCry ransomware isn’t over yet. There is a possibility that the hackers behind the infection are the infamous North Korean cyber gang – Lazarus.Yesterday, Neel Mehta, who...

Microsoft Warns: WannaCry Ransomware Exploits Windows SMB Vulnerability

Multiple ransomware attacks with the speed of light are hitting computers all over the world since Friday. The attacks are exploiting a critical SMB vulnerability exposed in documents that leaked from...

RDP Attacks Allow Hackers to Spread RSAUtil Ransomware

Emsisoft security researcher xXToffeeXx recently uncovered a ransomware program called RSAUtil. The analyst made a post on Twitter to report his discovery and warn computer users about the threat. The infection...

BitKangoroo Ransomware Erases Files if Ransom is Not Paid in Time

Although BitKangoroo is still in development, the ransomware erases users’ files if they don't pay the ransom in time.The malware doesn't look like a project of an experienced developer and currently...

New RaaS Named Fatboy Sets the Ransom Based on Victims` Geographical Location

A newly discovered Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS), named Fatboy, relies on a very interesting method to determine the ransom amount victims should pay. The sum is set based on the geographical locations of...

Mac Users Targeted by Snake Cyberespionage Malware

One of the most sophisticated Russian cyberespionage groups has recently ported its Windows backdoor program to the Mac users.The group has been active since 2007 and its names familiar to the...

Cerber 6 Ransomware Adds New Features

A brand new version of the most successful virus Cerber ransomware has been released. The latest variant of the ransomware includes multipart arrival vectors and new file encryption routines.Cerber ransomware has...

“Malware Hunter” Platform Assists Security Researchers in Finding C&C Servers

Shodan and Recorded Future announced the launch of Malware Hunter on Tuesday. The website is a crawler developed to help identify machines which are used as botnet command and control (C&C)...