Microsoft Releases New Cumulative Updates for Windows 10


Microsoft will release new cumulative updates for all versions of the operating systems tomorrow.

Due to the fact that the new updates will include security fixes addressing vulnerabilities in Windows and the pre-installed apps, they will be twice more important than any other update before.

By installing the latest cumulative updates, your PC will be entirely up-to-date. Thus, if you install the new patch tomorrow, your system will already feature all the Microsoft patches for the Windows 10 version you are running.

Regarding the other cumulative updates, there are some concerns which Microsoft could ship botched patches causing problems on users’ computers, however, the number of issues experienced after installing the cumulative updates has actually dropped significantly after the Creators Update release in April.

Most often, the majority of bugs which users have experienced when installing the cumulative updates before the Creators Update, generated failed installs. In this case a great number of users complained that the whole installation process got interrupted before completion, pushing their systems in an infinite loop, alongside the update being re-offered when logging back into the desktop.

The good news here is that users’ bad experience has already been revised and the only thing that’s still being reported is the long time needed for installing the cumulative updates.

In any case, considering the above-mentioned, users should keep in mind to back up all the files stored on their Windows 10 systems before starting the install, though Microsoft will provide manual download links for all patches.

Nelly Vladimirova
Nelly Vladimirova has been working as a journalist since 1998 with a main focus on Finance, Economics, and IT. In 2004 she graduated the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, as a Bachelor in English Philology and Master in Linguistics and Translation. Later, Nelly received a postgraduate certificate in Business Management from Scott's College, UK. Presently, she is presenting the latest news related to computer security at


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